Bummin’ around San Juan

While in town for Hamilton, my family and I decided to explore a few new areas in San Juan.

Very eclectic Bistro Cafe in Isla Verde


Isla Verde is pretty and had a great rooftop restaurant which we all enjoyed (I gave a little talk to the kids beforehand that said no one was allowed to whine or complain!)


Super good food, good views and a pool!


Our hotel, the TRYP by Wyndham, was decorated so awesomely!!

Paige sits

I posed her in all the cool chairs in the lobby


Central Park of San Juan was pretty nice, if not eerily deserted.  There were a few other families there but really – Saturday morning with beautiful weather.  One would assume more patrons would be there.








Sadly, the river boardwalk was cerrada.  Closed. Bummer – I’ve been wanting to walk it since I saw it from the Tren Urbano.

That night our friends took us to the coolest mall food court EVER! Mall of San Juan’s food court is on the roof outdoors, with a band stand, a view of the lagoon (but it was dark when we got there) and waiters ready to take your mojito order! yeeeees!


A replica of the Santa Maria was in port in Old San Juan.  It looked like a toy next to the mammoth Carnival cruise. There was no line to board! Incredible! The Spaniards who sailed it over were very helpful in answering our questions. I took many many photos to use in future photoshop projects….bwa-ha-ha


We asked a person trying to charge tourists for petting his iguana (I think it was declawed.  We didn’t pet it. We had actually ran over one in the road earlier that day and are therefore not really impressed by iguanas anymore) where the umbrellas were.  He directed us to the end of Calle Forteleza.  Super pretty!

san juan_0037-sm

san juan_0033-sm

san juan_0031-processed-sm


photobombing kids

san juan_0011-processed-sm

We ate at the Choco Cortez restaurant – where I tell all people touring San Juan to go.


And my kids – MY KIDS! – fed pigeons lentil beans.  My how they’ve changed over the years…

san juan_0047-sm

san juan_0053-sm

And we decided to visit San Cristobal! Eh, the kids wanted to see canon balls. ok! And – it was free to enter.  Don’t know if that was because of the government shutdown but thankfully the fort was being maintained.  Mostly.  The garbage was cleaned up but those bathrooms….hm….

san juan_0068-sm

He said there will be a historical re-enactment at the forts in March.  We are SO there!

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