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Homeschool Happenstance

I’m not overly paranoid about my kid’s education.  I know they’ll learn what they need to learn with gentle guidance and self motivation.  Over summer they resisted learning to read because “it’s not school work time!”  I didn’t sweat it.  … Continue reading

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Guaguas e Indios 

Field trip time! The school was taking a trip to Centro Ceremonial Indígena de Tibes in Ponce last spring. It’s over an hour away! The school offered a school bus.  But…people are crazy drivers here.  No seat belts! What if … Continue reading

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Amigos and belonging

So, for the third year we’ve attended the end-of-year ceremonies for our kid’s school. Each kid gets a little certificate of completion. And it’s a big deal this year since the Montessori school has its first high school graduate! Cool! … Continue reading

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Parallelogram: Picking a Preschool

\One ex-pat experience explored from two points-of-view\ \\ Lisa\Montreal What was your children’s experience of school before moving to Montreal? Arlo, who turns five in December, started Madison Wisconsin’s Preschool of the Arts when he was almost three years old. … Continue reading

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