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Carribean dust storm

“ As much as three billion metric tons of Saharan dust is transported across the Atlantic Ocean annually (Prospero et al., 1996).” Yeah you read that right. It’s been hazy here. I just thought it was humidity but my friend informed … Continue reading

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Festival Gastronomica

$45 ticket.  Like, a hundred restaurants and culinary schools, an Iron Chef competition, live bands and ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK! Game on! Festival Gastronomica is a major event that draws people from all over the west side of … Continue reading

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It’s a gas!

I like to roll with whatever Puerto Rico deals to me.  Adventure is the reason we moved here.  But, maybe besides the DMV, the one thing that I will always gripe about are the gas stations. Let me explain… The … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life on a Carribean island – WITH KIDS

I subscribe to this blog. And today I read the post about a day in her tropical life.  It sounds fantastic. I should move to a tropical island so I can blog about lazy days like that. Oh wait…  I … Continue reading

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How to get your yearly car inspection and license sticker in 25 easy steps

1) notice that the sticker on your windshield expires in a week 2) have your knowledgeable neighbors explain the crazy process of getting a new one 3) head reluctantly to CESCO (the DMV). 4) get in info line 5) Have … Continue reading

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A day at the lake

There are no natural lakes in Puerto Rico, but I have heard the man made lakes are very pretty.   Lago Dos Bocas was a bit of a drive, albeit an easy one. And pretty it was. I made reservations at … Continue reading

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A privileged excuses for boarder crossing 

I read magazines at the beach. Today I read National Geographic’s article about the Syrian refugees fleeing into Turkey. And I thought, how blessed am I to easily cross boarders by choice with leisure preparation and settle in nicely to … Continue reading

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Google translate 

I love Star Trek. Dare I admit, I was obsessed in high school. (Yes I’ve been to conventions). My iPhone cover looks like a triquarter. So needless to say, the fact that I can whip out my phone and find … Continue reading

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Good Friday. AKA Beach Friday

When I was a kid Good Friday meant going to a long mass at church. And no meat. There are probably aspects of those traditions here, but when I ask the locals what’s the tradition on Good Friday? They all … Continue reading

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