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Chestnuts roasting in the PR sun

My Sana box was half full of produce I couldn’t identify this week. Facebook hive mind helped me out tremendously. My Facebook friends told me it was a Pachira aquatica ….. in other words,  a chestnut! Wikipedia confirmed. They weren’t … Continue reading

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Zika with Parmesan

Zika sounds like an Italian dish but it’s a virus that has garnered a lot of attention in the news recently. Brazil kept the taboo subject out of the Olympic media, but it seems to be the Mecca of Ziki, … Continue reading

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Organic CSA!

Alleluia! One of the first things I searched out when we moved here was organic food. While Natucentro supplies plenty of dry goods and organic leche, they don’t have produce. Enter Sana! I don’t remember how I first heard about … Continue reading

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Prices here and there

People always ask me if it’s cheaper to live in Puerto Rico. Yes and no. The kid’s Montessori School is over $10,000 cheaper annually in Mayaguez than the one we checked out in Middleton, WI (for two kids; and that … Continue reading

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