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Foto hahas


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Abandoned Bowling Alley

About a mile from our house is an abandoned bowling alley.  There are many many abandoned buildings all over the city but a bowling alley is an extra special lure. For the first two years of living here there was … Continue reading

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Disney on Ice

It snowed in Puerto Rico today!!! We took the kids to Disney on Ice for the second year in a row. Last time we saw it in Ponce. This time we ventured to the Coliseo in San Juan. The 4 … Continue reading

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La ultima dia de escuela – mama y dada

The school year went a bit late this spring to make up for the 27 days lost to hurricanes last fall. Thursday was the last school day, so Trevor and I decided to have a mini adventure without the kiddos … Continue reading

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Festival de la Piña

My daughter and I went to the Piña Festival in La Parguera, Lajas today. That’s in the Southwest part of the island where the climate is very dry. The boys in the family didn’t have much interest in going so … Continue reading

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Papel de inodoro

Toilet paper. Papel sanitario. TP. It goes in the toilet when you’re done. Right? Not always…read the signs! (Ok two of those aren’t about toilet paper – one says don’t put your feet on the wall and the other says … Continue reading

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Email notifications!! And pigs

Hey readers! (All two of you haha) I finally got my butt in gear and added an email notification to my side bar. You can submit your email address and the little people inside WordPress send you a note when … Continue reading

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Rusty sewer pipe – let’s go

Puente de la Bellaca was something I randomly read about and decided we needed to hit next tome we drove ‘up north’ by Quebradillas. Today was the day! Only making one u-turn then asking a guy in his front lawn … Continue reading

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Golfing Puerto Rico style

We’ve really been missing our family tradition of going skating on Sunday mornings. In November we drove to Aguadilla to see the rink, but there wasn’t any apparent damage. Someone nearby said it might open in March, which made us … Continue reading

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Classic car show

Blackouts are distant memories when there are fun things to do around town. This morning we went to a Classic and Antique car show in San German, a 20 minute drive south of us. The show started at 8am, so … Continue reading

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