Parallelogram: I’m Hungry. Now What?

\One ex-pat experience explored from two points-of-view\


As someone who – at least in her own house and when left to her own devices – eats the same thing for every meal, I was slightly nervous to hunt down the less than five staples of my diet when moving to Montreal.  Thankfully, I’m quick to adapt.  BECAUSE I’M ALWAYS STARVING.  Breastfeeding for nearly five years, Party of One.

This is what has been sustaining me for the past two months here in Montreal:

Pim’s cookies in orange and raspberry.  SweetJesusMaryandJoseph.  Are these British?  Who cares.  They are the perfect mouthful.  Maybe they are British.pims

After finally giving up the grahams, I’ve been eating seedy/nutty crackers with almond butter everyday for breakfast.  They are ridiculously expensive.  They are displayed under the lock and key next to the Whole Foods cheesemonger and are supposed to be served with a full-bodied red.  I slather mine with nut mud and wash them down with bastardized coffee.

I’m happy to report that not only do the same crackers exist here but the supermarket brand tastes even better and is less expensive.  Thank you, Montreal.cranberry

So that’s my breakfast and for lunch I have eaten pretzel crisps and hummus and sometimes cheese for  … how old is Farrah Star now?  20 months?  19 months.  I’m off the hummus since finding this – feta and roasted red pepper dip.  DONE.redpepperfeta

So I am surviving!  No worries!  This is Canada after all*, I wasn’t expecting to Lewis-and-Clark my way through an international cuisine.  Can I just say though, and with big ups to the USA, I miss Hershey’s milk chocolate bars.  ‘Til Christmas my brown love.  I’ll see you at Christmas.

*Yes, I have had poutine.  And it was good.



 When I told people I was moving to Puerto Rico one of the common questions was, “what’s a typical dish from there?”

= Blank stare from me.

I had no idea. Enter: Mofungo! (you can laugh all you want. It is a funny word)  It’s mashed plantains. We found them to be quite dry unless paired with pork, shredded chicken, or (ew) seafood. I think it’s ok. Trevor gave it the good ol’ college try and probably is done with it.


with chicken


mofungo plain

But they also fry up plantains all sorts of other ways.



I recommend the cheese balls too.

I found on Pinterest (all hail Pinterest!) a Puerto Rican egg nog of sorts. I made it for my mom. And had quite a bit myself.  Totally diet food (yeah right)


Someday I will tour the Bacardi factory on the island-yum!

Smoothies/frappes are big here. Acai is heavily advertized as an ingredient. mmmm….

IMG_0466 IMG_9619Sadly, the tomatoes around here are abysmal.  yuck.


pink tomatoes and canned basil. I will not be ordering this again.

Lisa has her Pims.  I find the froo-froo drinks at restaurants very therapeutic.

IMG_0390 IMG_0227



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  1. Lisa Bagchi says:

    where’s your sangreeeea in a squeezie pouch? :> Also, I stop eating tomatoes in September where ever I am.

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