Parallelogram: What to Wear Here

\One ex-pat experience explored from two points-of-view\



As I observe Mayaguez/Puerto Rico I find that I cannot pigeonhole the clothing style. As no one could of any city lest they overly generalize. However if I had to make a few observations, these would be them:

Skinny jeans. Yes these are popular all over. But in 92 degree humid weather? Youbetchadoopa. For a while Trevor and I stood out extra much because we were the only ones around wearing shorts. Sorry, our blood is still thick from many Wisconsin winters. Oddly, I see more shorts now than I did in August. ?? And hardly any guys wear shorts ever.


Skinny jeans, wedge shoes and pda


On the train in San Juan













Wedge shoes. I thought I was still the only one who still loved ’em. But they are all the style here! Big, clunky, with holes in the heals or platforms. All kinds. Good thing I shipped all my pairs. Too bad my feet are too hot and swollen to wear them. (Plus, I teeter enough when I wear them. Don’t need to be completely knocked over if my kids get scared by a stray dog or something). That being said…


I should just rename this post: “Shots of people’s butts”



Flip flops.  Hey, this is a tropical island after all. But I’m not talking about cheap Walgreens flip flops. I’ve seen cool ones that you can barely see on the ladies feet. I think I might go a little gonzo buying cute flip flops. But the guys don’t seems to wear them as much. But no matter where you go on this planet it seems you’re bound to run into this:

imageUnless of course you’re in Montreal…



Montreal is a city of four million and at least three million of those people are street-styling gods.  The rest are small children who cannot yet dress themselves.

_MG_3504 _MG_3534_MG_3501

When it comes to my own style I have been feeling too overwhelmed (key dramatic hand to forehead) to give a fig about my outward appearance.  I forgive myself though, motherhood and moving to Montreal and all.  I’ll get back on the horse soon especially when I see inspiration all around me every day.  The woman attached to these feet for example were with young children, presumably their own:

IMG_0914 IMG_0894

The touch of an anklet, the pairing of camo sandals with a striped lilac shirt, and those strategically ripped jeans made for a casual outfit comfortable enough to be out with her young ones while retaining her cool.

And the other mom with the perfect pedicure and navy toile pants paired with those harem sandals – it would take me a lifetime to make such a bold choice but the more I see it, the quicker I am to adopt it.

From feet to hair…if you are walking around with the hair you were born with you are in the minority – big time.

IMG_1612 IMG_1537

Ombre, pastels, platinum – statement hair color isn’t just on pinterest.  In Montreal, no one seems to be just covering their greys anymore.  I’m so ready to join this trend, I just have to stop shaving my head.

This is the most recent effort at climbing out of my sweats and tees.  This is a most unforgiving dress yet is somehow also extremely comfortable (Anthropologie, 2012). Go figure.


Go figure.  See what I did there?

I put this on for dinner with my husband.  And the kids.  (Let’s not get crazy.)  It felt good to wear something pretty and as it always follows, I stood a little taller.  What I forgot however was this dress completely precludes breastfeeding so in the restaurant  (the cafe with the playroom – again let’s not get crazy.) I had to take my arms out of the sleeves and pull down the top half of my dress to nurse Farrah.

My motherhood.  My style.  For now.

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3 Responses to Parallelogram: What to Wear Here

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  2. Jean Truesdale says:

    Florida is much like Puerto Rico. Those of us from the north walk around in shorts almost always during the day. At first I thought it was the Badge of Retirement, but it’s also the Badge of Being on Vacation. Locals wear wintery looking clothing – dark colors, long pants, sweaters – all winter (in the 80’s?!!). Younger women wore boots all last season, no matter how hot it was, a fashion that drove John to sputter in dismay. Since flip-flops are prohibited in our dining establishment, I don’t wear them; plus, they hurt my toes and are supportive enough for long walks at my age. No woman ever wears nylons from what I’ve seen. Montreal reminds me of a trip to Germany and Austria we made in the late ’90’s. It seemed as if every woman had her hair dyed vibrant colors, and Euro women were dressier than tourists. A friend who just returned from Paris says that’s no longer true in France.

  3. Heather says:

    Great header and title! Perfect. And Lisa, that dress looks smashing on you. LOVE it!

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