It’s a gas!

I like to roll with whatever Puerto Rico deals to me.  Adventure is the reason we moved here.  But, maybe besides the DMV, the one thing that I will always gripe about are the gas stations. Let me explain…

The gas stations are all ‘pay inside’.  I have yet to encounter a pay-at-the-pump station ANYWHERE. When you buy a car, the dealer tells you how big the tank is, and how much you approximately pay per tankload.  So, you bring your usual amount of cash inside to the employee at the counter, tell him your pump number, pump your gas and drive off.

I CANNOT COMPREHEND THIS! IMG_4975Why? I hate pumping gas. I want to go as few times as possible. So why would I want to accidentally underestimate and drive away with less than a full tank? I’d just be back sooner. AND, what if I over estimate? I’d have to go back inside for change. (this website says they don’t give change! but I have gotten change at the few places that didn’t take credit) ARGGGGG…..

So, what’s a gringa to do? Learn how to say Quiero llenar el tanque completo (I want to fill up the tank), give them your credit card, pump, go back in to pay. With your kids. Or have your hubby do it 😉


one of the few times Trevor has worn pants in Puerto Rico

Lemme insert here that few pumps have that little lever that keeps the pump pumping without you holding on.

My neighbor told me that it was kinda a group decision to have it this way.  The gas stations were not earning enough money in the store when they experimented with paying at the pump. Yeah, that problem happens in the States too.  But the public demanded the convenience.

Actually, I’ve just gotten used to this ordeal so it doesn’t bother me much anymore.  But I still refuse to leave my kids in the car while I go in to pay (like they would let me even if I wanted to).  Ms. P likes to help pump. Gas fumes and germy pump handles are great for kiddos! haha

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6 Responses to It’s a gas!

  1. Joe says:

    Yeah, your neighbor’s right.

    Gas stations make next to nothing on gasoline sales.

    So, in order for them to be profitable, they count on store sales.

    And a good way to guarantee store sales is to make you pay inside.

  2. Cassie says:

    One of the first things I taught Britton in Spanish was “tanque lleno!”

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  4. Cesar says:

    So funny! So frustrating! But so true!
    I was born and raised in PR, but have been living on the “mainland” for the last 12 years. Pumping gas is definitely an ordeal down there, and I can relate to your gripe 100%. It seems you are taking it in stride and consider it an adventure. You have a lot more patience than I do! 🙂

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