3 months aqui

According to Dr. Karp babies have a “4th trimester” after being born. A time when they acclimate to the world. It feels like we’ve just finished our “4th trimester” as a family.

This week marks our three month anniversary of moving to Puerto Rico. When I stop to think about it, time has simultaneously gone slowly and quickly. Six months ago we made the decision to move! That seems like a long time ago.

If you are planning a major move to a place you don’t know very well, then you too will experience this time of transition.  It can suck at first. Really. But persevere and you too will feel more and more comfortable and like you belong. (hopefully!)

When I think back about these three months I’m proud. I’m happy with the connections we’ve made, the places we’ve already explored, and the routines we’ve established. All of these things are crucial to leading a balanced and happy life I think.

I get down on myself for not speaking Spanish better, but when I stop think about what I knew three months ago versus what I know now, I decide to pat myself on the back instead.

We know most of our neighbors, and have actually socialized with some. I’m planning on having a neighbor Christmas party in December. I feel like there are people we could call on should we need help. And that’s big.


The neighbors over for supper

And I’m not nearly as scared as I was driving in the mountains.  Although, I consider every day that I don’t smash the side mirrors or scrap the side of the car a success.

Six months ago we owned a LOT more. It’s incredible to think about the transformation our family has undergone in these months. I’ve put together a collage of all the things we sold. Wow!



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