A Poem: A Parent’s Walk on the Beach

Last Friday we took the boat to the island Caja de Muertos.  Yeah, that means coffin. The boat drops you off at 8:30am and leaves at 3:30, which is longer than we usually spend at the beach.  I was inspired to write this poem as I dealt with nap time 🙂    
Slathered in your SPF
At a playa fiesta,
You suddenly hit a brick wall.
It’s time for your siesta

Some beach days are a miracle
I say “lay down” and you sleep.
I may have to pet your hair but
Eventually you snooze deep.

Today you have a different plan
Dije “Ya es hora de dormir”*
You are too wound up with energy
To make this simple, I fear.

I wrap the toalla around your body
We might not have to go far,
But this nap might take more effort.
Vamos a caminar.

Put your head on mi hombro
Slowly up the beach I pace
I stroll along the edge of the surf,
I shield the sun from your face.

Past the carefree spring breakers
with their pre-child thin bodies,
I hug mi nena closer
And proudly walk along with ease.

I pray the surf will be a lullaby
To drown out the reggaeton,
The heladeros with their jingly bells
The grilling of pinchos done.

Soon her cabeza is heavy and still,
I turn back to our camp.
I want to really seal the deal
so slow and steady I tramp.

Would I change this moment?
Shed responsibility, be free?
“No,” I think, “not for anything.”
Squeezing her sea-hair close to me.    Dije “Ya es hora de dormir” = I said, “Now it’s time to sleep”
Toalla = towel
Vamos a caminar = Let’s walk
Hombro = shoulder
Nena = girl
Heladeros = ice cream vendors who patrol the beach with their carts
Pinchos = chicken kabobs
Cabeza = head

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4 Responses to A Poem: A Parent’s Walk on the Beach

  1. kris says:

    I felt like I was there with you both. Beautiful spoken. Share with us more of your poetry, I will be waiting. Love.

  2. Barbara Schutt says:

    What a beautiful poem! Thank you, for sharing this moment of your family’s beach time 🙂

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