adios bolsas plasticas

(this was drafted before the hurricanes)

Way to go Puerto Rico!  Last winter a law went into effect that banned single-use plastic bags in retail stores (and restaurants).

As soon as I moved here I bought reusable Pueblo grocery bags.  I was so embarrassed back in the 1990s when my Mom was the ONLY one who brought cloth bags to the grocery store and here I was-the only person using re-bags at Pueblo. Way to go Mom! You were way ahead of the game.

Big stores like Walmart and Pueblo must’ve bulk ordered plastic bags at the last possible date, because it wasn’t until sometime over last summer Mayaguez finally ran out of their stockpile of plastic bags.  Now I’m no longer the only one bringing in my own bags at Pueblo.

The only downside is now I have to buy small plastic garbage can liners-no more free bags! haha

Walgreens has opted for using paper bags, Pueblo sells durable/reusable plastic bags for 10 cents, but Walmart and many other mall stores just don’t offer anything. So people do bring their own, or make like Sam’s club and just cart it all to their car without bags.





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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Hi, guys, hope you are all doing well! When do you plan on returning to PR?

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