Aguadilla Tree House

In the Parque Colón in Aguadilla there is a tree fort/house/path with many walkways and steps


It was one of the first things we did on that very first trip to Puerto Rico, when we were deciding to move here.  It’s right down the road from the ice rink.


We’d ventured back to this park since then but the tree house was always closed. Thankfully, when we went last Sunday after skating, it was open!

There were signs to read along the way.

There were signs to read along the way.


But BUMMER! What we really came here for was to show our friends the abandoned train in the falling-apart tunnel.  It was gone 🙁 Aguadilla is putting a lot of money into the oceanfront area these days and I guess they decided to clean up. bummer.

No more abandoned train tunnel 🙁



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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    That is great it is back open! We were there last winter and it was closed then, as well. Wonderful that Aguadilla is cleaning up the ocean front 🙂

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