Arrogance! Stupidity! Anger and Embarrassment

My Mom and I just returned from a quick run to the grocery store. Usually I’m the only one I hear speaking English, so when I hear it come out of someone else’s mouth my ears automatically tune in. Especially when that person sounds like an American. It’s just what my ears do.
Unfortunately I wish I hadn’t heard what this loud gringa lady was saying to the cashier a few lanes from mine.

Cashier: Do you live here or just visiting?
Lady: Oh visiting! I could never live here. Too third world. And the driving!
She did some chuckling and the cashier mumbled something about the driving. But REALLY? THIRD WORLD? Hardly.

I’m in no way an accomplished globe trotter, but I have been to a real third world village and sorry lady, Mayaguez just ain’t one. Any city which has multiple hospitals, car dealerships, a Walmart, and a movie theatre is not third world. Did she even realize she was still in US territory?

And even if you don’t particularly care for a place, why on earth would you insult it in front of a local? For all you know they are proud of their home. Stop looking at the potholes and start noticing what makes this place nice.

I was embarrassed. And insulted too. You know lady, this is my home now too.  And I chose it. We coulda moved anywhere in the whole wide world and we came here.

My mom and I fumed until we got home.  Should I have said something to her? I had the chance. Honestly, I didn’t want to take the effort to confront such an idiot. What I really wanted to do was apologize to the cashier.

Lesson: Different is not worse.

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2 Responses to Arrogance! Stupidity! Anger and Embarrassment

  1. Karen says:

    Astounding, I will never understand ppl that think nothing of insulting another persons country or culture, and to their face no less. I may have apologized to the cashier (if there was an opening to do so, otherwise you might make her feel more awkward) and let her know that we aren’t all ignorant imbeciles. I have a feeling locals are unfortunately used to this attitude. When someone asks me if I like it here, they very frequently hold their breath for the answer.

  2. Barbara Schutt says:

    The rudeness and lack of civility in some people is astounding! I think I might have asked the woman if was so awful, then why are you even visiting? We’ve spent many visits in Jamaica and came across the same bad behavior to locals. Just boggles the mind because you know darn well that here in the states if someone had acted that way, they would be affronted and upset. Sorry you had to witness that, dear!

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