Birthdays on the fly

My kids were very curious about Hurricane Maria. Thankfully they were never scared. The only concern my son had, was when I told him we were going to Wisconsin he quietly asked, “Are we going to have my birthday in Wisconsin?”

Oh yeah…I was in the middle of planning that when Maria arrived. I had made cute LEGO themed invitations that I texted out to his four chosen friends for a party on Sept 30. I ordered edible LEGO bricks and bought a huge LEGO set from a British seller on eBay. I was prepped!

Hurricane Maria hit Sept 20. When his party day rolled around our city had been powerless for 12 days and we were already in Wisconsin.

I assumed the invitees assumed the party was off. After all, we were all busy surviving and Toys R Us still had its hurricane shutters over their windows.

But you can’t cancel a kid’s birthday because your life’s been uprooted.

Amidst all that uncertainty of leaving PR I had to give some thought to 7 year old birthday parties. I packed some LEGO books I had yet to give him. I hoped they would stand in for a present since his big present was God knows where in a shipping container detained somewhere Maria (and Irma) hadn’t gone. Oh, and I took the rubber cake mold of a LEGO figure. The one we bought in Wisconsin this summer to use for his birthday cake. It was now flying back to Wisconsin. Oh the irony.

We crowded in my moms nice condo and ate tacos and my LEGO dude cake. Thankfully, he didn’t seem too dejected that his big present was not, well, present. I didn’t tell him that I’m not 100% sure it’ll ever arrive (!!) And maybe those edible Lego bricks can adorn our Thanksgiving pie.

Kids are flexible. Gracias a Dios

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  1. JOanna Palmer says:

    The picture of him with the cake looks so much like Trevor. you guys are doing amazing! so much change.

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