Foto randoms


Embedded trash – keeps a neighborhood pretty. Lawn mower’s nightmare

Why does a pizza place need it’s own boat?

This pizza place must do booming business. And I highly doubt they’re paying royalties for that minion.

The kids show ‘Michael Recycle’ demonstrated how to recycle your Victoria Secret catalogues and old Vanity Fair magazines. I could see the cleavage from the balcony.

I’m sure the Taino natives would laugh at their name being thrown about at grocery stores – where you can inflate your own balloon and do your makeup in the Salon Taino.

Cheetos left out for 20 minutes at a party = stale Cheetos

When you try to get rid of old clothes and your 4 year old wants to squeeze into a 12 mo pajamas


wordpress won’t let me rotate this…but this was a fun sign to read – facts about the planet Uranus…hahaha





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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    These are cool! How does the trash cans get emptied if they buried….enquiring minds what to know 🙂

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