Golfing Puerto Rico style

We’ve really been missing our family tradition of going skating on Sunday mornings. In November we drove to Aguadilla to see the rink, but there wasn’t any apparent damage. Someone nearby said it might open in March, which made us quite sad. So here we are in May and it’s still closed. Obviously it’s not a priority for the city to repair it. Maybe there was extensive mold or something inside…

Instead we decided to give golf a go last Sunday morning. Trevor had already been to the range a few times and knew just where to go. I had forgotten the dress code was called for collared shirts but at least Trevor was dressed properly. No one said anything to us.

The Cabo Rojo Deportivo opens at 7am. We thought we should’ve gotten there earlier due to the fact the driving range was in the blazing sun, but it wasn’t too excruciatingly hot yet at 9:30 when we arrived. And it wasn’t too busy. This Ball has the Conquistador logo on it. You seriously can’t get any farther from Cabo Rojo on the island than the town of Fajardo (where the Conquistador resort is). How’d the golf ball get way over here? HahaThere were several ant hills. This one was peculiar because it was more like an ant ball. I stepped in one right away and got bit by several ants within seconds. The ants show no mercy here. Note to self – wear socks next time.

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