Hurricane Maria: the emotions before

I realized preparing for a hurricane is like waiting to give birth for the first time. You know approximately when it’s going to come but have no idea how the event will pan out, how horrible/wonderful/painful it will be. You prepare by purchasing supplies, forming your support network and praying.

I offered my neighbor space in our garage for her car, and she reassured me that we won’t be all alone 🙂

Then you wait. And wait…with restlessness and adrenaline that has no way to release. Seeing everyone else prepare reassures me that we’re all in this together, but seeing them take this storm much more seriously than Irma is disconcerting at the same time.

Bottled water was all gone by Sunday afternoon

Having a baby also totally interrupts the life you were previously leading. In a fascinating and wonderful way of course. Two hurricanes exactly two weeks apart however has demolished any pretense of getting into a rhythm this fall. Two and a half weeks of school then a week off for Irma. One full week of school then a week off for Maria. Then three weeks of school before we leave for a previously scheduled vacation.

No rhythm. No groove. Preparing and decompressing only. Except we don’t have the lovely hormones and bundle of love given to us in the end. We just have to take our patio furniture out of the living room and watch the rivers of rain flow in the streets.

Will your baby be a girl or boy? What color hair? Will we have broken windows? How long will we be without power and water?

Gimme a 20 minute tornado scare or a beautiful, silent snow storm any day. Just not in PR. A snow storm here would be much worse than a hurricane haha

I’ll be here with the kids while Trevor does a skating weekend in Minnesota. Wait, what happened last time Trevor took a business trip? Lol

We’ll be fine. Siempre hay una aventura!

Update: Trevor decided to stay home with us!

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