I got it for free!

Parents Latina! Yay! I feel like a poser because hey, I’m clearly not Latina, but I played one onstage in a musical once so there…
  No really , I didn’t convince anyone in that musical that I was Latina. But my kids are in a Latino culture and I thought I’d gain some insight.  See what it’s all about. Actually, the articles are for everyone anyway. This first issue had a great article about kids who are of mixed heritage.  While mine aren’t (German/Hungarian/Romanian mix isn’t what people are talking about, right? They are Wisconsinite through and through) The magazine is in English, but with Spanish words sprinkled in. It’s a thinner edition than the non-Latina Parents magazine. But the coolest part was that as I was reading along, I skimmed this ad (above) and it wasn’t until the next page that I realized it had been in Spanish.  My brain read it right along without flinching.  Way to go brain!

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