No matter how far you roam…

no matter how far you roam on this planet, how far you go from the familiar, how little you have to grasp on to that is comforting, there will always be music. Music that transports you to a happy memory, a person who made you smile, or an activity from your youth. For all those travelers out there, you know what I mean.

In London (1999/2000 ie pre-iPods) I dragged along my swing music CDs. When I was a little lonely or tired of everything being unfamiliar I listened to my Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa. It made me happy and introspective.

The other day I listened to Regina Spektor. I thought of my friend Gina, of college, of life pre kids. I could’ve been anywhere in the world listening to her sing. And I would’ve gotten the same contented feeling of so far having been down a life road that has brought me immense joy and satisfaction.

my ipod in my kitchen


No matter where life takes me music will follow along. I love it.

What song will instantly take me back to Puerto Rico when I’m in a different place and time? I will know years from now when I’m on my next adventure. But for now, it might be Marc Anthony’s “Vivir mi Vida“. It’s catchy and everywhere.

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