Parallelogram: Deck the Concrete

\One experience explored from two points-of-view\



I didn’t know what to expect in terms of Christmas decorations in Mayaguez, or even my neighborhood. It’s so warm it doesn’t feel like Christmas time to me.

Turns out IMMEDIATELY after Thanksgiving is over, people of Mayaguez get ready for Christmas at warp speed.

I was excited to see that many homes, maybe 15% of my neighbors put up Christmas lights. We slapped up some blue lights on our palm tree outside. Which turns out to be pretty subdued compared to other homes… We enjoyed taking walks around to look at the fun people had decorating.


Yes that’s yoda. Darth seems to be decapitated.

IMG_2647 IMG_2677  IMG_2672IMG_2671 IMG_2670 IMG_2669 IMG_2668 IMG_2661

Our neighborhood common grounds even got a huge metal lit tree.

However, it seems us crazies are the only ones who keep their lights on all night. What’s the point of Christmas lights if not to light up the night?



I jumped the gun on Halloween decorations by hanging ours at the end of September.  Turns out my Canadian neighbors wait until after Thanksgiving (mid-October) to hang them, most sensibly.  But here we are on December 7 and there is only a smattering of Christmas decorations to be seen.  Once again I am ahead of the curve only there is no curve since there is no other holiday between now and Christmas.  I’m just alone.  Crazy American-style.


I’m thinking it could be fear of theft that drives these scrooge-like streets.  The folks next door had a lovely tree tied up on their porch until one day they didn’t.  Turns out someone took a cigarette lighter to the rope ties and took off down the street with a fully lit and decorated Christmas tree, leaving a trail of smashed ornaments behind.  Never mind that the folks next door run an AIDS HOSPICE.  How do you say Grinch in French?  Is it “Dick”? “Le Dick?”  It was this event that made me move Big Santa inside the house though I desperately wanted him at the door – so much so that I hung him there anyway so I could say I did:

_MG_5356Kris was right though, someone would surely take Big Santa and I am emotionally attached to that man.  And Kris.  Ba dum bum.

Here’s Big Santa on our Madison house just last year:


I was all set to leave Big Santa with the Madison house; I felt he belonged there forever but then a neighbor changed my mind saying “Even if you can’t hang him outside your new place, hang him inside on a big white wall for drama and flair.”  And he was right.  Big Santa belongs with us, wherever we roam.  And speaking of Madison vs. Montreal, we rent here.  I had to ask my landlord permission to decorate.  I’m 44 and while there are far, far greater problems (see second paragraph), that sure didn’t feel good.

In the end I’m not sure what’s happening with the Plateau’s decorations as there aren’t even many peeking through the windows.  Our streets couldn’t be more idyllic for lit-up door frames and railings.  I hope once again I’m just excessively, ignorantly early.  Until then, ho ho ho from the Obvious Americans!

Here’s some Montreal gorgeousness (some lights included) if you’re still in the mood:

The Best #Montreal Instagram Pictures

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  2. Joe says:

    It’s funny when you mention that it’s not cold, so it doesn’t feel like Christmas to you.

    As a native, I think it’s freakin’ cold at night now. So, it feels very Christmas-y to me. lol

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