Mayaguez Zoo

Knowing it would be hard to beat the nationally known Milwaukee County Zoo, or the free Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, we thought we’d check out the Mayaguez Zoo with our new friend’s from D’s school.  It’s the only one in Puerto Rico and it’s conveniently close.

IMG_2317 IMG_2307Cheap to get in, relatively easy to get to.

IMG_2326They had all the big animals you’d expect, but the giraffes were obviously missing 🙁

IMG_2334I guess the animals looked happy enough.  Though I bet any animal in a cage wants more room.

IMG_2323There were free roaming birds ALL over.  With their free roaming poop.

IMG_2303I wonder how many kids fall into this cage every week.

IMG_2313P.S. Sorry I’ve been lax about blogging.  Yeah. Chikungunya SUCKS

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