Peeing and doctors 

I feel like I’ve been to a lot of doctors offices lately. Lemme tell you something about the doctors offices here.  It seems the doctors usually work independently in an office building shared with other doctors. Each has their own office, waiting room (though sometimes the waiting room is folding chairs outside the door in the hall) and receptionist. You pay the doctor directly the visit fee (based on your insurance) before you are seen.  Most don’t take credit cards, only cash or checks. 

Every office has a doorbell type button you need to press in order to be let in.  I’d only seen these before at jewelers stores in Chicago!

BUT! The one thing these offices don’t have is their own bathrooms.   You have to use the one in the hall.  The locked one.  Ugh! So when your kid tells you he needs to pee after leaving the doctor, better ring that doorbell again and get the key!


Women’s bathroom sign: Please get a key from the office you’ve visited


No key! Only for people with appointments with this office.


Don’t interrupt this office for the bathroom key. But ring the loud bell to get in!


Doorbell and no key sign


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