Ponce oh Ponce

Destination: Ponce!
(Say it with me now: Pon-say)

Ponce is about an hour east of our house on the southern coast. Mainly, we headed there to get our order from Ikea. But I heard there were other things there to satisfy our three generations of tourists.IMG_1497 IMG_1498

First stop: an old firehouse museum. Free, cute, with a tourist desk inside and a quiet baño. Mr D didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I thought he would because he thought there would be loud sirens and bells. A four year old’s imagination can be intense.

Next stop: the lion statues and fountains. The fountain was not on 🙁 but the trees were fun to run around (for the kids) while the adults stuck into the iglesia to take a peek during mass.


IMG_1496 parking for this church was three cars thick in front of the doors. How did anyone ever get in or out??


This square reminded me very much of Madison!!! But with a church in the middle and not a Capitol building. So wonderful! I miss it.


Third stop: cafe on the square. Yum yum! Great decor.


We walked to the museum of Puerto Rican music but doh! It was closed for lunch. IMG_1533

The tourist info guy failed to mention that… So we hit a tourist shop and drove around for the kiddos to nap in the car. IMG_1544 IMG_1538We saw Castillo Serralles and this big old cross that we couldn’t figure out how to get to.

IMG_1559 IMG_1552And we found a creepy uncompleted, abandoned apartment building. Oh, if I didn’t have kids I woulda walked inside. IMG_1568

And of course we hit ikea. IMG_1583

On the way out we drove past the docks. You know, kiddos like that sort of thing. Ok. We adults did too.


We liked Ponce. We’ll definitely be back. It looked clean and well kept. Lots of green space and places to explore…like the beach front (La Guancha)!

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