Pumping Problema

I wrote about my gripe about pumping gas in Puerto Rico. But apparently I’ve gotten used to it. 

And apparently I didn’t get gas last winter when we went back to Wisconsin.  

This has nothing to do with pumping gas.

  Because during our Wisconsin visit this summer I went to pump gas (without kids). I did a little dance driving in because it was pay-at-the-pump! Yes! I got out with my credit card, got distracted by the TV playing IN the gas pump (really? Why???), did my thing, pumped gas and wondered why my receipt didn’t print. Weird. Whatever. I pulled away and stopped at the red lift at the intersection. 

That’s when the kid from the gas station ran over to my window and said “You forgot to pay”. Huh? 

I did a U-y and paid in the store, still scratching my head. Whoops. Almost became a felon. 

I was so confused. 

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