Random funny pics

Random photos of cute/funny/interesting things.

I snap a ton of pics 🙂


Chubby is the name of this very natural looking healthy drink? SOLD!


oh yeah. Taken in Rincon


No estacione means No parking. Except if you’re a big black pickup of course.


Taken in Boqueron. No I didn’t buy one


napping at the Galloway restaurant in Boqueron


There was a huge sporting event in Mayaguez in 2010. I think this might be depicting wrestling or something ???


locals stick their umbrellas in the water. Sometimes a table and always their beer.


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4 Responses to Random funny pics

  1. I like this a lot. Tiny F*cks. “No, I didn’t buy one.” *snort*

  2. adolfojp says:

    The wrestling one is a Judo throw called the Tomoe Nage. It’s fun but risky.

    The word chichaíto can be more accurately translated to “kinda fucked”, which is what you become after drinking a few of them. We use the diminutive form a lot in Puerto Rico and it isn’t always used to refer to the size of the subject.

    I love that picture because all of the signs are wrong in different ways. “The boat of natural viagara” is funny and not just because of the spelling error and the bad grammar. Burro instead of burrito suggests donkey meat instead of seafood wraps. Xploción is misspelled in two different ways although one of them was intentional. And is the place really a Tiki Bar or is it just tacky? But I guess that the hodgepodge of signs works because there are a many pictures of them on the Internet and to be honest with you I could use a seafood burrito and a cold beer right now. 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    Thanks Laura for the great photos. I haven’t seen the umbrella in the beach yet but I am sure that it is done in maybe a beach that doesn’t have many waves and of course, the beer is always present. What frustrates me is that , there is no Bud Lite available except with Lime in a can. so I just have to resort to drinking Corona with lime in it, ha ha. They have reg. Bud, though. or the ever present Pina Colada or my fav Rum and Coke. ha ha.

    I see that you are enjoying yourself through your photos. Keep them coming.

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