Salinas Speedway drag race

Drag racing. Something I’ve only seen in beatnik films and old musicals. How I stumbled upon discovering the Speedway in the town of Salinas I’ll never remember, but it was fate that I did just days before a big race rally. And we had no weekend plans. So…we headed east.

The Facebook page was surprisingly informative. The race schedule said they were starting prelims at 3pm. So 4:30 seemed a good time to arrive. Because you know…island time.

Easy to find (with some terrifically creepy buildings nearby just begging to be photographed)

I wonder if these grandstands ever fill up

$15 per adults. Chillens were free. Decent bathrooms, bar and fried food and all the burnt rubber you’d care to inhale.

I wondered if any other gringos ever venture here. We were certainly the only ones there that day. The ticket guy chatted us up and said he used to live in Boston.

Trevor and I didn’t know how people would dress for this. We stick out yet we still want to blend in haha. The clothes we picked were fine. I made a Princess Leia braid to balance out all the testosterone of the event.

Bursts of four rounds of cars would race and then there’d be a 5 minute break. It actually moved along faster than I expected.

I’m glad we had the kid’s headphones. Trevor and I used ear plugs too. But I didn’t see anyone else with ear protection. The announcers rolled every r like soccer announcers.  I loved it.

I read this strip is on an old runway. Cool!

After about an hour and a half the kids got squirrelly and we headed back to Ponce for a very unsatisfying dinner at Chili’s.

I’m glad we went. Out of the ordinary.


Terrifically creepy building across the street

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Looks like fun! And I love the creepy building photo 🙂

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