Size Matters

So during that flight I made this week, I told the instructor that I wouldn’t fly across Lake Michigan in a Cessna 172. And he chuckled at me!

I’m not a wimp. In that moment with the instructor, I forgot the exact reason why I didn’t fly over Lake Michigan. I just knew that it was too wide.  He chuckled again when I said that.

“How you even see a Great Lake?”


“You can’t see the other side when you stand on the shore.”



I could tell he was still doubtful.

At home Trevor had the answer I forgot – even at the flight ceiling of the Cessna (the highest you can fly it) there was a short point in the middle of Lake Michigan we couldn’t have glided to land if our engine had failed.  No, gracias.

Being curious, I used to compare sizes.  It puts one geographic location on top another at the same scale.


3 Puerto Ricos could fit in one Lake Michigan! I don’t know why the menu on the left says Erie.  This is clearly Michigan.  Anyone who roots for the Green Bay Packers knows that’s Green Bay!


Just for fun – Lake Superior too (the biggest Great Lake)

Nuff said. 🙂

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