Spanish back home

We spent about 2 weeks in Wisconsin over Christmas and New Years. Just enough time to hit some of our old jaunts, visit with family and friends and catch the flu. yeah.

We stayed in a hotel in Madison instead of a friend’s house so we wouldn’t get them sick. At the cafe in the lobby, the barista was Latina. I had my kiddos with me, and I try to speak as much [broken] Spanish to them as possible. There was a little part of me that thought, “I’ll impress this lady with my Spanish! I live in Puerto Rico! My kids are going to be bilingual! Let’s speak Spanish! La-di-da!”


In the hotel room

But then I felt dumb, She didn’t give a rat’s-ass if I spoke Spanish. Maybe she was Mexican and she hates Puerto Ricans. Maybe she thought I was insulting her or just being dumb, or a know it all.

I realized I have no idea if I should try to speak Spanish to the Latinos back in Wisconsin. It feels really strained. Forced. I mean with strangers, not my old friends. That’s not weird. Do they mind if I practice my Spanish with them? Hrm.

Also, a part of me thinks that if my innocent, pure kiddos spew out a few Spanish phrases it’ll help break the ice. Little blondies speaking Espanol can’t make anyone mad, right? Quick kids, perform!

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