Strange and amusing

There’s no reason to park on the curb on a divided, spacious street. (the incorrect direction I might add.) eh, habit maybe?


eat slugs Malfoy!


  1. Sucks to be you, dude

  2. Local horse club rides through town at rush hour

    No obscene words you $&%@#!

    Short women and tall men.

  3. It’s fuzzy ’cause you know, I was driving, but the sign says “Se Vende” for sale. Does the air conditioning still work?

    $9.99 for cloves Pueblo supermarket? I can buy this on Amazon for $4.50 people.

    Cowboys of swing, eh? How swingin’ is it? Probably not enough for this gal. (music, people, that’s all I’m talking about)

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5 Responses to Strange and amusing

  1. Hi!
    I just discovered you. I was born in that lovely Caribbean island you are right now. Hope you keep enjoying the sun, the food the music and keep safe!
    Any tips I can you with, let me know.
    By the way, ”swing ”in Puerto Rico means groove. So when you danse well, you got ”swing”… ?

  2. Julian says:

    Great photos! :))

  3. Carlitos says:

    I don’t have a foto, but there are messages written on the sides of buildings in corners where two walls meet that read “no urinating please”. Have seen these several times, and it’s understandable if you know El Salvador.

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