This kids craft will not work in Puerto Rico apparently

Well, as summer begins I wanted to engage my kids with activities that they would find fun, would pass the time, keep them from killing each other, and frankly make me feel like I’m being a good Mom (I keep it honest here).

I LOVE Pinterest. And I actually do the activities I pin. My attempt this time: Rock Candy! Craftiness and candy? Score.

I followed the recipe to a T.
I covered up my glasses because you know, those mimes,  

I received advice from my chemistry teacher friend who said I need to uncover them so they can evaporate. Okey dokey.
Except this:

they liked the purple dye

Yeah. ew. I know I put enough sugar in this water. When I dumped them out it looked like rainbow NyQuil going down the drain. Is it just too humid out?

94% humidity

Ok…onto the next project.

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