Winter gardens

Everyone knows you plant seedlings for your veggie garden in early spring. You gotta keep in mind things like frost and freak snow falls in May.

Oh to be a northerner!

We had no idea if we could start a garden in September. But the stores were still selling seeds and potting soil in early fall and the temps sure felt like it was high summer. So why not try?

IMG_0442 IMG_0447

We have early girl tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, carrots and basil.

We keep the pots outta the way of torrential rains. They’re doing well. And will probably be making oodles of tomatoes just in time for us to leave for Christmas. Haha


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2 Responses to Winter gardens

  1. Carlitos says:

    Get those out on all that sunshine and keep them watered. Then, when you have fruit, find some manchego cheese, some bread, and make Spanish tomato bread. Enjoy.

  2. Jean Truesdale says:

    In SW FL planting season is reversed from WI. Farmers plant in the fall and harvest crops until mid-April or May, when the sun gets too hot. You do have to use somewhat different practices, like more watering if you have a dry season during winter like we do.

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