Ziki or boring flu?

My poor girl was hit hard with illness not long ago.  I was less worried than my hubby, and he urged me to get her tested for zika virus. Ugh.  Ok.  We went to my ER neighbor doc who treated my chicengunya. Chicungunya. Chikengunya. I used to know how to spell that. Spellcheck offers no help.


I think we got seen relatively quickly because I had texted my neighbor ahead of time.  You pay the copayment for being seen before you see the doc. 

This stayed on about 2 minutes


Then you go in the back to the lab and pay them cash for their tests.  Have a check or card? Trudge back up to the front again to pay. Poor girl did not like being poked by the needle. 

That’s Zika handwritten on the top

  It took them about 15 minutes to determine how much a zika lab test would cost me.  Apparently they don’t get a lot of requests? America is dramatizing zika much more than the Puerto Ricans do.

If this receptionist thought the A/C was cold enough for gloves, she probably wouldn’t like snow


Turns out my girl just had the flu.

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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Oh, poor thing, thank goodness it as just the flu!

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