A temporary hope

Ok, that Hallelujah song always feels extra emotional to me. But this morning as I ripped it off my Cd onto my iTunes I cranked it up, grabbed my son and slow danced hugging him in the kitchen.

He held on tight as if to say “mama I love this. I need more of it.”

I’m sorry sweetie. Two more weeks of chaos. Two more weeks of spending our weekends organizing the basement, selling your favorite toys that are too big to take, and me plugged into my phone to post or reply to a Craigslist ad.

I fear that I won’t be able to turn off my brain and tune in to my kids when we finally move. But I know I will. I’ll have to. I want to. My brain will be so alive in a new place.  We just have to avoid imploding before we get there.

I’m so sorry kiddos for being so preoccupied.

And thank you my son for letting me cry a tear on your shoulder this morning as we danced on the kitchen. This is a huge change for me too. Thanks for being a trouper.

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