Go with the flow

I decided to pamper myself just a little bit even though I had absolutely no justifiable time for it. We move in two weeks after all.

I hit our gym where there is one of those circular pools with a current. There was only one guy in it. I got in the pool and went with the current. Technically you’re supposed to go against it to give yourself a little workout. But I ignored the one other guy’s looks and did my own thing.


(this was not the guy in it. But this is what the pool looked like)

Making an international move feels like going against the current. It’s a lot of work and not a lot of people choose to put such effort forth into such an unknown adventure. So it felt like a psychological treat to let myself go with the flow, to be taken with the current wherever the water moved me instead of me trying to move against life’s metaphorical water.

But the longer I was in there going with the current, the more I realized going with the flow also requires work. It’s just not as hard. I still needed to keep myself afloat since I didn’t have an inner-tube. I still needed to move around the guy who was giving me looks. And I got just as distracted instead of focusing on inner thoughts as I would have going the other way.

So why not go against the flow? I’ll grow, become stronger, feel accomplished and learn new things.

And pampering oneself is ALWAYS good.

Next post will be about logistics of moving…yikes!

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2 Responses to Go with the flow

  1. Jamie says:

    breathe and let go…..it’s going to be amazing…once you get through this craziness! 🙂

  2. Emma says:

    Moving internationally is difficult and awesome at the same time- think of all the wonderful experiences you’ll get from stepping outside the norm!

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