What’s with the stop lights?

Ever since we returned from summer break the stop lights around the Mayaguez Mall (where half the traffic of the city filters through) are either blinking, mistimed or off completely. And that changes hourly.

Our route to the new school now takes us along highway 2 for a mile. I noticed that police officers are manually changing two traffic lights by plugging in a device to the electrical box at the intersection.

IMG_8408Sometimes there sit in their car.  Sometimes they look menacingly at the traffic.


In any case – aren’t the cops better used in another capacity? Shouldn’t they be giving out tickets to all those cars that run the reds right in front of them every morning instead of playing civil engineers? Don’t they have computers to analyze traffic and create algorithms for optimal traffic flow? Because the cop at one light isn’t paying attention to the other guy’s lights and there is always a huge backup along the road. So this stupid method isn’t really working anyway.

So strange.

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