Abandoned Bowling Alley

About a mile from our house is an abandoned bowling alley.  There are many many abandoned buildings all over the city but a bowling alley is an extra special lure.

bowling alley_088-retouched

For the first two years of living here there was a fence around the establishment, and even though I passed it several times a week I kind of forgot it was there.

bowling alley_058-retouched

As time (and hurricanes) went on, the fence fell down and the doors blew off. C,mon there wasn’t even a No Trespassing sign. Trevor and I spent part of a date last June poking around. (I didn’t get a photo of the front sign because it was near a busy street and I didn’t want someone yelling at us to leave haha)

bowling alley_027-retouched

WordPress has jumbled my photo order but here goes. I didn’t plan ahead and bring a tripod but I did the best I could with my SLR camera.  Here’s the main area with the lanes.

bowling alley_035-retouched

This was so freaky eerie. We didn’t bring the kids because we weren’t sure if there were any homeless squatters around, packs of stray dogs or broken glass lying about. We were alone, but there was certainly evidence of others before us (aka beer cans and a strong smell of piss. ew.)

bowling alley_037-retouched

Ceiling panels were laying about having suffered from water damage and age. Bowling shoes and pins were on the floor like the building was abandoned in a rush

bowling alley_038-retouched

Amazingly the wall paint was unaffected by age and time

bowling alley_039-retouched

I wandered to the behind the scenes by the machines that loaded the pins. Remember, it was pitch pitch black this far into the building.  Trevor didn’t even go back here. I was using my phone flashlight. It was too creepy to dodge around these machines to go in any further.  I didn’t want to step in anything too nasty or get stuck somewhere!

bowling alley_040-retouchedbowling alley_042-retouched

I told Trevor  we should’ve helped ourselves to a bowling ball or two. haha  But we didn’t.  Probably should’ve brought rubber gloves to touch stuff.

bowling alley_043-retouched

Trevor looked in the lockers and found a bunch of street shoes. What happened? Halfway through a Saturday night of bowling they made an announcement it was closing and everyone had ten seconds to get out?

bowling alley_047-retouchedbowling alley_049-retouched

Above and below are photos near the shoe counter.  There were a lot of questionable goop and trash on the floor we had to step around.

bowling alley_050-retouched

Someone earned this trophy dangit and now it’s broken and dusty. aw.

bowling alley_053-retouched

I also told Trevor we should help ourselves to some bowling shoes. We didn’t, but why I’m not sure.

bowling alley_056-retouchedbowling alley_060-retouched

This photo below is the front lobby and restaurant. This would’ve been a cool place! Intricate ceiling, pool table, large bar and balcony seating.

bowling alley_061-retouched

We ascended the stairs in the restaurant to find the office space for management. What happened here? jeez

bowling alley_067-retouched

Trevor poked around the very full filing cabinets but didn’t see anything exceptionally interesting. Why was the desk overturned and who did it?  All these windows were broken or just gone.

bowling alley_070-retouchedbowling alley_072-retouched

This is the second floor of the restaurant.  There must have been railings so patrons didn’t fall down onto the pool table below haha

bowling alley_074-retouchedbowling alley_077-retouched

I was AMAZED to find these letters strewn on the floor. (I arranged them for the photo). They are bills from 1987 and 1988. When did this place go under??

bowling alley_078-retouched

We only saw one little doggie who was scared of us and hid in the bush.  More bowling balls outside.

bowling alley_084-retouched

These must’ve been offices rented out or something. Some areas seemed like it was organized long ago before being abandoned.

bowling alley_085-retouched

Rock or bullet?

bowling alley_004-retouched

Sorry these are out of order. This is the lower level of the bar/restaurant again. I love the checkered floor.

bowling alley_005-retouchedbowling alley_006-retouchedbowling alley_011-retouchedbowling alley_012-retouched

You can see the bar way in the back there.  Those are the steps on the right we took up to the offices

bowling alley_013-retouched

Here’s wider shots of the bowling lanes. It was quite dark in there!

bowling alley_017-retouchedbowling alley_020-retouchedbowling alley_025-retouchedbowling alley_026-retouched

We totally should’ve taken some souvenirs!!

Answers: my neighbor was very helpful

Overall it was one, if not the, creepiest thing I’ve done in a long time.

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