finding an iglesia in Puerto Rico

When my Dad and Step-mom were here we took the kids to mass at the Catholic church in the Mayaguez town square. Pretty church. Your typical mass – the Catholic mass is standard no matter what language. Since it is familiar, and we were camped out in the very back, it was so easy for my mind to wander. I didn’t get anything from the experience.

IMG_9603Side note – I had to change P’s diaper and D had to go potty during the service. Where were the bathrooms? You had to pass the choir UP ON THE ALTER to get behind to use the bathroom back where the priests get ready for service. Yeah. I did that 2x. Boy did I feel the eyes on me. haha

I haven’t regularly attended mass since I was in college. Since getting married I have become a member of the Unity Church. The one in Madison rocks. I was sad to leave it – even if I only got there 1 or 2 times a month. I was happy to see a Unity church about 35 min away from my new home.

I called the minister yesterday morning because I got conflicting info about the church on various websites, and I wanted to confirm the service time. 11am. ok. I headed out without the kids.

Aguada is a cute town I haven’t explored much. The cemetery across from the church is very cool looking. It’s the type that the graves are above the ground. (typical here).  IMG_0239Anyway, the church space looked like a converted store or office room.

IMG_0237It’s certainly a good experience to be an outsider in the group.  You have to just observe. Abandon expectation and roll with it.  You kinda figure out “oh, ok, this is what we’re doing now” a beat after everyone else is doing it. They had snacks and drinks available. I tried eating a guava fruit which I didn’t like. And learned that orange juice is called “Jugo de china” here.  ok. What a hugging bunch! (I think it’s a Unity thing).

The front of the church

The front of the church

I haven’t used this much Spanish since I arrived.  Several of them spoke English but I got the impression most did not. The service finally began at 11:22.

I had to stare at the person speaking otherwise my brain would say, “I don’t understand and now I’m going to stop trying.” game over. So, no head bowing in prayer for me. Staring! hah

At least 7 people helped participate in the service (with only 20 of us there, that’s a high percentage!)  Two people did a little skit.  The lady whacked the guy with a bag of bread rolls -haha


These two did a little skit

I sat off to the side, because the back seats were already taken.  I wanted to blend in, but why? That was silly.  There were only 20 people there. I was a total fish out of water.

I missed my old church, but looked around at this older group of people, and thought, “These are my new peeps.” They loved having me here. Several of them asked if Trevor was Puerto Rican.  I had to laugh. I think I’ll go back a few times a month if possible.  It’s good to have that sort of connection in a new place.

On the way home I tried a shortcut. Wrong choice!  Flash flood. I was not about to drive through a huge puddle. Went back on the main road.  oops.

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  1. Maria says:

    The church in Mayaguez is beautiful. Most of the churches here are just as beautiful and located in the plaza of the town. Here in Quebradilla, it is St. Raphael. I know what you mean, it is basically the same in every church only thing it is in Spanish. I love the songs that they sing and I have yet to buy a missal so I can follow along . I remember some of the prayers from my childhood so that is helpful. Whatever church you decide to worship at, enjoy the experience here.

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