Museo del niños Carolina

We were headed to the east side of the island so I decided to make a stop at the Museo del Niño in Carolina. I heard it was better than the children’s museum in San Juan though. 




fire fighting

 Google maps led is right there! The parking lot is around the corner and you take a little guagua (bus) to the museum. 

 We needed two more hours there! We didn’t even get to the airplane outside. But I thought this museum held it’s own against the Betty Brinn children’s museum in Milwaukee. It was clean! It was well maintained, airy, inviting and up to date! It even entertained Trevor and I. 


does this Saturn make my butt look big?



 There were great science exhibits. Any one else have a kid who is obsessed with natural disasters? Volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, meteor strikes. My son loves all that. This museum had a giant volcano in the middle. Score. 

 We’ll be back. I’m sure. 

we didn’t even have time to explore outside

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2 Responses to Museo del niños Carolina

  1. kevin says:

    Oh how cool! We LOVE children’s museums almost as much as our kids. I hadn’t even thought to see if there was one in PR. We’re moving in December, and I believe this will be one of our first stops (after the beach). The boys will love it.

    By the way, if you ever make it to San Francisco, go to the Exploratorium. By far the largest one I’ve been to. We spent 5 hours there and got to see about half of the exhibits, no exaggeration. That place is insanely huge and has stuff for kids and adults.

  2. Barbara Schutt says:

    Really cool museum! I bet your children loved it. I remember taking my kids to places like that when they were small and we had so much fun!

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