Hometown pride 

I have a Bucky Badger UW – Madison shirt. I did not attend this university but I lived in Madison for about 12 years. I never once saw a full college sporting event though. But I own a cute Wisconsin shirt that flatters me. Sometimes I’m reluctant to wear it here. Why? I worry that I stick out enough, why should I make it even more painfully obvious that I am different than everyone else? But it is a cute shirt!  I wear it around the houses and for some errands.

I did a lot of traveling with my family when I was younger. And every time we saw other tourists wearing Wisconsin apparel (aka Packer gear) we would always talk with them briefly, share stories and ask what city each other were from. I was thought this was weird and awkward, I never liked it. But I suppose a little hometown familiarity can help people feel more comfortable when they are traveling. I travel to get away from home. I would never wear Packer or Badger apparel on a vacation. My goal is to blend in and see what it’s like to live like a local. I wore a flannel shirt one time in London and was painfully aware that nobody else was wearing a flannel! Cut me some slack it was 1999.

Me not wearing flannel in London.

Me not wearing flannel in London.

But who knows? I am who I am I take that with me everywhere. I guess I need a cute Mayaguez shirt too. I’ve never seen one though ha ha

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