Kids know we were born to travel

“When is Emma moving to Puerto Rico?” (Emma lives in St Louis)

“Why do they speak English in Wisconsin?” (Meaning, why not mostly Spanish like at home?)

“Can we go to Mexico/Japan/France?”

These are all questions my son has asked me. Kids seem to know that humans are meant to explore, be curious, and investigate their world.

Somewhere along growing up a lot of people forget that. Oh I know many people who are happy to stay home, never leaving the boarders of their country, state or even their city. But I think we were meant to wander. With or without loved ones with us, to places that are new and different. IMG_8173

Our minds are built to grow. Kids ask questions questions and more questions. Shouldn’t we keep asking? Wouldn’t you like someone to show a genuine interest in your culture? Share ideas? And just accept that different doesn’t mean bad.

Although, a foundation does need to be set. I do feel badly that my 4 year old son has lived in 4 different houses. But we talk openly about all of them, where we’ve been and the fun things we’ve done. We keep traditions alive.  Most traditions can travel.

Life is fun.

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