Oh please don’t let this have the typical outcome!

So many business that looked like they once we great ended up as decrepit and abandoned around here. In Aguadilla there is an old kids train and what once looked like an awesome area full of activities. Now the huge tree house is never open, and the playground there is half broken.    So when a new acquaintance that I had met through the expat forum invited me to meet her at Happy Land in Añasco I was eager to check it out. It had been on my radar.    It was much like some indoor areas we’ve been to in Atlanta and Madison.  Great fun. With ice cream in the same building!   A few dollars gets you into the play area for an hour. But bring small bills for the extra rides…    I only had to rescue crying, lost kids twice. (One was mine). 

Uh, how much weight can this thing bear?

     All in all, I hope this establishment survives the test of time because it seems so cool. I’d hate to see it become an empty building. 

look out for that tiger!

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4 Responses to Oh please don’t let this have the typical outcome!

  1. Lisa Bagchi says:

    You are too cute. Happy Land! Hope this does last for you guys, indoor options must be precious given the heat.

  2. Anita says:

    Like your site on Rincon. Local info on local everyday life.

  3. Barb says:

    Oh, how fun for the little ones!

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