My New Years Resolutions: Sleep

I was so looking forward to our Wisconsin winter vacay. A satisfactory sampling of snow and cold, reuniting with relatives far and wide, and the general magic of the holidays.

We’re 14 days into our 19 day stay and my kids have slept through the night ONCE. Are your kids poor sleepers on vacation? We were on a 2 week stretch of both kids sleeping all through the night right before we left. (miracle!)

Unfamiliar spaces, the fact that we’re all sleeping in one room, and travel over-stimulation all put a wrench in things. We can’t be the only ones, right?

Vacation is something special. You want it to go smoothly. You’ve planned a long time after all. When we took D to New Orleans for his first birthday, I think he screamed so loudly one night he woke up the whole hotel. Poor guy.

I don’t know about all you parents out there, but Trevor and I resort to all sorts of tricks we don’t pull at home (unless there is illness). Co-sleeping, rocking to sleep, and putting kids down earlier than usual to bed – running the risk of them getting too much sleep and spending a significant portion of the night simply ‘awake’.sleep

And throw illness into the mix now. Both kids got whammed with a nasty cold, which they kindly passed off to me.

What does everyone else do? Not traveling is not an option. I think next winter we should get a hotel instead of staying two weeks at my Mom’s. I’m going to owe her an Apology card, not a Thank You card. yeesh.

We even brought the same beds they sleep in at home

We even brought the same beds they sleep in at home

We try to sooth and comfort them, try to draw lines (doesn’t always work) and make it through our vacation with some sanity left over to enjoy the sights, old friends, and take some artistic photos.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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2 Responses to My New Years Resolutions: Sleep

  1. Jean Truesdale says:

    I have no answers, only sympathy and admiration for the wonderful parents you both are. Liz and Tom always said that #2 was impossible to travel with before he turned 5 0r 6, so at least there’s that. As he matures, I’m sure he’ll get used to disruptions in his sleep (especially as you continue to challenge him). I’m betting when big bro sleeps, little sis will too. Good luck! Hope you can find some nap time during the day.

  2. You have my sympathies. Vacation is rarely that, I find. Outside of being sick and waking up constantly because of it, Farrah and Arlo slept best when sleeping in the same bed. Somehow.

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