Observations from behind the wheel

Yesterday on the way to school I saw three people riding horses bareback in the road.  I had to slow down and swerve.  You know, the usual.

from a different day

from a different day

Today I saw the grass next to the road was on fire producing a lot of smoke which kind of smelled good. Nobody seem to care that the grass was burning. I’m going to assume it was controlled.  Because I’m talking like right next to the road. Flames one foot away from my car.

I see many couches along the road. No, they are not trash! They are perfect for watching the cars go by…

Of course every single day I see people sitting next to the road watching traffic. When I say people, I mean men. 95% of the time it’s old guys just sitting there watching cars go by. They even have couches out there to make themselves comfortable.  There should be a term for just sitting by and watching traffic roll past you. Maybe there is and I have yet to learn it.
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