Slip sliding away (in Salto Curet…)

After reading a couple of websites and getting some personal accounts of the waterfalls named Salto Curet, I felt really confident about taking my family and another dad and his young child there for a day trip. My friend and his daughter were here on a vacation and wanted to do outdoorsy things. Eureka!

I got the coordinates in the GPS and out we went. We had to park hell n gone. Not so bad, I thought, we can just walk there. So we got out of our cars and crept along what otherwise would’ve been a rigorous road even for a 4 x 4 jeep.

where we parked

where we parked

It was rocky. Parts were steep. We’re almost there I said. We went up a hill we went downhill. We’re next to the river I said we must be close. We crisscrossed the river while picking up the kids. We’re really close I said. After all the website I consulted said it was only a 20 minute trek to the point where we had to start walking in the river.


Yeah. 20 minutes for an adult who is fit. 40 minutes for parents and their kids ages 4, 3 and two. IMG_4935We reach the sign that told us where the waterfalls were and where we had to get in and walk in the river. Let’s just say it was a little more perilous than we were anticipating. Trevor did not have a very good sandals for walking in the water. Too slippery. Each adult had a kid in their arms and a bag on their back. We helped each other out Boy and Girl Scout style.  IMG_4936

IMG_4938It can’t be far I said we’re almost there, I said, the website after all said and this is only a 10 minute walk. After 20 minutes and a few curse words later we arrived at the falls. Success! No one even got scraped. No kids drowned or fell to their peril. We padded ourselves on the back, took a deep breath and whipped out our PB&J’s.

IMG_4939Knowing naptime was eminent and we had a long trek ahead of us we only stayed about a half an hour at the falls. But if you’re a 20-something or a highschooler yeah plan to spend all day. IMG_4940 IMG_4956The kids freaking rocked. We carried them most of the way home but no meltdowns. Do you believe that?? Let me repeat this. Nearly 2 hours of hiking, we ran out of snacks, it was about 84° out, we are zeroing in on naptime and NO MELTDOWNS. Not even by the parents ha ha IMG_4961

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2 Responses to Slip sliding away (in Salto Curet…)

  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Looks like a really beautiful place to be and so serene. I may have to look that up when we return next winter. Lovely photos!

  2. Diane Palmert says:

    Your colorful narration made what could have been a disastrous outing into an interesting adventure. Is this a Nana thing to do with you????

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