Organic CSA!


One of the first things I searched out when we moved here was organic food. While Natucentro supplies plenty of dry goods and organic leche, they don’t have produce. Enter Sana!

I don’t remember how I first heard about them. But they are an organic CSA in Cabo Rojo. I forgot, or actually never learned what CSA stands for. But it’s the way all the cool tree huggers get produce. To put it simply, get a box full of farm food directly from the farm once a week. Score!

You order online and they come round on Thursday. Mayaguez has a pickup location near the university. Maybe no one else in Mayaguez orders from them, or they are so nice that they just meet me by the Denny’s near my house. It’s on their route anyway.



I had no idea what these were. hello google! Didnt like em


Once during their delivery time I was stuck at the doctors clinic without a car. They obviously understand the whole doctor-can-take-four-hours thing, and they brought my produce to the parking lot of the clinic. Awesome!

The most recent batch I received included some extra bonus food. A whole bag of organic ginger! I immediately made ginger snap cookies for my kids. But…they were really orange gingers! (I should say they were ginger gingers, haha).  No really, my fingers were yellow for the next three days. It stained my kitchen towel. Crazy! The cookies turned out well though.

Today I told one of my Puerto Rican friends about this crazy orange ginger and she told me it was probably turmeric. Oh.

I swear it looked and smelled just like ginger

A perminent reminder of my innocent confusion


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3 Responses to Organic CSA!

  1. Kate says:

    CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

    Thanks for sharing! I’m bookmarking this so when I move there I can sign up too!

  2. Missy says:

    I made soup with the turmeric and it made my cutting board yellow for months! I love Sana, too. They deliver to my neighbor’s house in Miradero, which is so convenient. I’m looking forward to their new farm stand in Mayaguez, though. That should be nice for getting more veggies than what is in our box.

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