Zika with Parmesan

Zika sounds like an Italian dish but it’s a virus that has garnered a lot of attention in the news recently. Brazil kept the taboo subject out of the Olympic media, but it seems to be the Mecca of Ziki, with the virus spreading to places like Columbia and here in Puerto Rico and even more recently, Florida. 

The Zika plague (as the press has promoted it) doesn’t seem to phase as many people here in PR as it does in the States. Nearly everyone asked me this summer if I was worried about Zika. My answer was generally no, while Trevor’s was a bit more leaning toward yes. 

Mainly I think because he and I read from different news sources. Ok, my news source is Facebook haha (it used to be the paper edition of the Onion so I’ve stepped up people). And my newsfeed is filled with the people of Rincon protesting chemical spraying to combat mosquitos and generally poo-pooing the paranoia that the media is perpetuating. (Floridians don’t seem to care so much. Spray away!) Just today I read this article saying that Zika effecting fetuses was not entirely true. 

But there are other articles stating that Zika is not only harmful to fetuses but to young children as well who have developing brains. (Sorry no source for that). 

So nobody knows what the hell they’re talking about. 

From the symptoms of Zika on average adults, I’d take it over Chickengunya. 

Meh. We haven’t booked one way flights outta here. Just bought our kids pants to wear to school where they don’t have screens in the windows and are outside a lot. But they told me they were too hot. So yesterday I sprayed their legs with deet. But I forgot today and thought ‘meh’. 

And according this article you have just gotten Zika from reading my blog. Sorry ’bout that, amigo. 

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