Restaurante paciencia

My title means ‘Restaurant patience’ because in all the restaurants (except maybe the major chains like Chili’s and Longhorn Steakhouse) service is slooooow. But, you get used to it. And when dining with kids, you learn to come prepared. Or you’ll regret it!   
My diaper bag (which is now full of extra undies instead of diapers!) also has a huge supply of distractions. Along with stashing away the coloring pages from the chain restaurants, I also have puzzles, colored plastic things to look thru, and random other things. (I’m anti-tablet/iPhone/give the kid a screen to shut them up)

My friend even brought actual toys. Which helped a ton!

And when the toys get old, the kids can do yoga!

It’s kinda a different level of what kids can get away with here. No, they are not running around amok in everyone’s way, but they behave exactly how you expect them to when they have to wait a half hour for an appetizer, another half hour for the main meal, and 45 minutes later for the check.

At this restaurant in Boqueron pictured above we arrive at 5:50. We left at 8pm.

When I read trip advisor reviews and people complain about how slow the service was, I assume they are vacationers and aren’t used to it. Haha

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3 Responses to Restaurante paciencia

  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    I remember those days of not leaving the house without all entourage of snacks, toys, and what not. It reminds me of old tv show about this couple who had a child and they were basically packing the whole house and left, shut the door, and quickly came back because they forgot the baby, lol!

  2. I also forgot how slow it can be in restaurants. It’s the Caribbean! lol

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