Blimps and drugs

If you drive around Cabo Rojo and Lajas, you’ll most likely see this blimp in the sky. What is it? Aliens! Ok no. It’s a radar blimp searching for unregistered aircraft. Drug and illegals, you know. (People from Dominican Republic have been known to sneak over here to ultimately get to the USA).

I made a very scientific Google search on “Puerto Rico blimp” and found this info.  Interesting…

This sucker is huge! And goes up to 15,000 feet!

So when you see it, you’ll know!

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3 Responses to Blimps and drugs

  1. David says:

    Hi Laura
    Nice blog!

    I know you understand this, but I do want to add some detail to the Dominican comments. Puerto Rico is part of the USA so for many of the migrants from the Dominican Republic this is final destination. PR is approximately 10% Dominican in population. In a nutshell, they (DR) are the Mexicans of the mainland. Most are hard working good people looking for a better life, some are in PR (USA) legally, and many are not. Regardless this issue is not going away until immigration in the USA is dealt with (what to do with illegals, how to enforce legal migration etc).

    Anyways, enjoy PR and perhaps we’ll get to meet one day as we (my family) plan to move back to the motherland some day soon!

    P.S. we know the island quite well so if you ever need recommendations etc email me.

    Un Abrazo!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks – I always love learning more. My father is quite involved and interested in immigration reform back in Wisconsin (lots of Mexicans there). It’s a complicated issue, as countries all over the world have to work it all out. Heck, my grandparents were immigrants way back when too! 🙂
      Thanks again

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