Second Halloween 

Having done Halloween here last year, we knew what to expect. And what I personally expected was to sweat. A lot. It’s still got here and very muggy this fall. 

I fell in love with stage makeup while earning my theatre degree. But with my thick hair and genes I sweat so much on my face! Nose and upper nose mostly. So….I needed makeup that wouldn’t melt off. I was going to be a moon but my son said he’d be too jealous. So…

I was a piña!! Yes, that was a real pineapple top I stuck on my headband.   

I glued coffee filters to my head for thr 3D effect

  The rain subsided just in time but left a lot of eerie lightning flashing in the distance for some fun Halloween effect. 


Dusty Crophopper and Lil Dipper looking at bones


Our front door


I didnt see $17 pumpkins at Sam’s this year. i bought this squash and we decorated it with Sharpies.


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  1. Barbara Schutt says:

    Cool costume!

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