TRAIN display score


It had been a while since we made a train expedition for my son. Penuelas is a little town between Ponce and Mayaguez, and next to the plaza (by the Iglesia Catolica San Juan for those of you looking on Google maps) there is an old train engine on display!IMG_0353

He was kinda worried at first that is would start or move, but that’s why we taught him the term “static display”IMG_0361 IMG_0346 IMG_0344Yeah, I didn’t post process these photos at all.  Please imagine them with boosted shadows.  tee-hee

IMG_0349No water actually came out of the pump 🙁

The plaza itself was ok.  Not many places to eat. But pretty statues, memorials, and mosaic on the ground.

IMG_0364 IMG_0390 IMG_0385 IMG_0371 IMG_0369

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